UKTV Strategy

BBC Worldwide

“A cracking celebration of British entertainment”

UKTV has a whole new on-air look and feel as BBC Worldwide ANZ re-invigorated its identity as “a cracking celebration of British entertainment”, the brand’s proposition expressed in the most appropriate way, to match the channel’s new brand personality and tone of voice.

Ink were commissioned to mine recent research for critical insights, to develop the new brand strategy; delivering a communications plan that will help UKTV to become more dynamic and inclusive, establishing itself as integral part of people’s everyday lives.

Tim Christlieb, Director of Channels, BBC Worldwide ANZ, said: “Drawing on the great British traits of wit and storytelling, UKTV’s new brand personality will embody the spirit of the raconteur.  It will be witty and sociable, light-hearted, quirky, confident and spontaneous.  A place where viewers come for fun, amusement and relaxation, a place to escape boredom and a place where viewers feel included in the conversation.  And it will all be underpinned by the trustworthiness of the BBC brand.”

The changes come as the company seeks to: broaden UKTV’s appeal amongst a younger demographic whilst still retaining the heartland audience; strengthen its emotional connection with the audience; and differentiate the channel further from premium drama channel, BBC First.

The refresh is a result of extensive research that indicated while audiences loved the shows, there was an opportunity to build a deeper connection to them through the brand personality. Of all the brand attributes tracked, entertainment indexed as the highest for UKTV and the refresh of the brand and programming schedule aims to further capitalise on this universal need state.

Entertainment still plays an important role in unifying families in front of the main screen in the house. Audiences want to be entertained together and share this experience. The Aussies get the Brits- there is a strong cultural resonance and shared humour was a strong lever for audiences’ love of popular British programmes.