Air Time

Sydney's Luna Park

Ink created and produced a full campaign to celebrate Luna Park’s major upgrade. 
‘Air Time’ is when you’re inverted, spiralling through the air, travelling at 70 km per hour and adrenalin surges through your limbs, and you feel alive!

Part of Ink’s creative production strategy for Luna Park’s Air Time was to create a ‘kit of parts’ approach to the campaign and so enable the internal team to propagate across many touchpoints. Assets across print and digital were also created as part of the toolkit.

Ink filmed the flying sequences at Luna Park’s Big Top venue which was the perfect sized studio for our ambition. The talent was also sourced from Luna Park’s showtime team, making the process a truly collaborative one between client and agency. Special thanks to the production crew who filmed during the tight Covid 19 restrictions with a high level of professionalism, care and good humour. *Our deepest appreciation : )

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