Body Hack

Essential Media

Body Hack with Todd Sampson follows the style of his acclaimed science documentary series Redesign My Brain, with Sampson offering himself up as a human guinea pig to sample the lives of extraordinary people and glean lessons for modern life. 

Amongst other things Sampson steps into the shoes of a hunter-gatherer in Tanzania, becomes a professional cage fighter in New Mexico and overcomes a fear of the open sea in an unassisted sea floor dive in Borneo.

For Ink this was never just about cool graphics and visual effects, that was obviously part of it, but we essentially needed to create a distinctive brand and program package for Body Hack, featuring presenter Todd Sampson. 

Using the philosophy of brand building as the starting point allows you to create something that is more than a TV program at the outset. The program identity evolved from contemporary UI (user interfaces) as used on mobile applications, as we seek to highlight the comparison between subject and expert.

We challenged ourselves to find an elegant visual language. The solution a fully animated human skeleton as a glass sculpture, the muscle tissue as elegant light radiating around the glass. Hence Bob was born.