Click Heads


This online ident engine is the result of a brief from Nick to create channel idents that would engage with kids in a more meaningful way. In a group brainstorm session we identified that deeper engagement would come from asking kids to get creative and interact with what they were seeing on their television screen


From this insight, we developed an idea based on Mr Potato Head and created an online space where kids could choose different faces, ears, eyes, noses and mouths to build their own ClickHead. They could also add music, a brief message and their name, age and location if they wanted to. Kids could replay and edit their low-res flash animations online and, when happy with their creation, send it off to Nickelodeon. Nick could then use them on-air as idents.

Nickelodeon’s concern was that the channel did not have the production time to convert these to the high resolution required for on-air idents. No problem! We installed a server at the Nickelodeon studio that would render all the kids’ low-res files to high-res when they were selected to air. So, of the thousands and thousands of ClickHeads that were sent in by kids, Nick could choose their favourites and put them on-air with the click of a button.

Augmented Reality Concept.
Ink proposed that ClickHead characters could be seeded in populated areas. Kids would be encouraged to collect, swap and even make their own characters.