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Westfield - Scentre Group

A strong culture exists within Scentre Group and the Westfield brand is intuitively known and understood by those who work in the organisation. However the articulation of the Westfield brand had not been fully resolved in terms of words and vision, so the question was how could we express the brand in a meaningful way?

The purpose statement “Creating extraordinary places, connecting and enriching communities” does a great job for the Scentre Group brand, but we needed a complementary value proposition for the Westfield brand. This is, after all, the consumer-facing brand associated with the customer experience.


Working alongside director customer experience, Phil McAveety and the Scentre Group team we created the brand platform and value proposition for Westfield; the next challenge was to develop the brand itself – one that clearly and concisely expressed the proposition.

At the same time we used a combination of brand clustering and shopping factors to create 10 distinct consumer segments. Scentre Group’s Strategy and Research teams had a great understanding of these segments but the data was too deep and too complex to share across the organisation in its original form.

It was an exciting brief for Ink: to assist in the distillation of information, to bring the segments to life through iconography, image and a common language that would work across a broad range of business units.

For the purpose of introducing both the brand positioning and consumer segmentation to the group, a brochure and video were created, which could then be presented and shared with everyone across the organisation.

“Ink’s contribution to this process delivered a clear visual expression of our brand; we have a powerful vision and proposition that can now be easily shared across the group”

Steven Mitchell

General Manager, CX Strategy & Planning, Scenter Group

Customer Experience_ Brand Articulation Video