We live footy, Breathe it. Love it. 
It’s our passion, our reason for being.

Ink and their research partners, D&M research were commissioned to investigate the relationship AFL fans have with the game; to understand how that might translate into brand communication and a visual expression for the launch of Foxtel’s AFL dedicated channel, FOX FOOTY.

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Melbourne-centric focus groups, research & questionnaires supplemented a 15-20 minute online survey, which utilised 3 brand platforms in story board, animatic and text for Key Driver analysis: Full Cognitive Response Analysis (eg Likeability, Relevance, Cut through, Brand fit) plus Diagnostics per brand platform for side by side comparison.

Results showed us what the take-outs were in terms of Message and Content and how the respondents felt about the overall material.

Ink’s role was very much about the visual interpretation of information and data resulting from research; so that it may be used to communicate in a clear, concise and relevant way with the channel audience.

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