Reconciliation Action Plan

Scentre Group

Scentre Group: Creating change on common ground where rivers meet.

Ink helps bring to life Scentre Group’s vision for reconciliation. Its mission is to educate communities, to demonstrate respect for and work with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to embed positive cultural change.


“We are very proud to be part of such an amazing community minded project”.
Samantha Bleuel, Ink’s co-founder.

Ink was involved in a number of ways to bring this project to life. Our creative director, Ken Lambert liaised with artist Mark Fitzparick to create the masterful “Modern Corroboree”. Whilst Ink’s creative and design team worked directly with the Scentre Group’s RAP Council to bring the project to life.


Scentre Group’s purpose is to create extraordinary places, connect and enrich communities – for the many local Australian communities they serve and within their own employee community.

Scentre Group aspire to create a future where the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and their cultures are recognised and celebrated around Australia. They see a future that embraces a collaborative approach to reconciliation.
Photography by George Fetting and Ken Lambert.


“Our philosophy is that it is the human interaction and the community spirit of our centres that is always paramount”.
Scentre Group

“Modern Coroboree”
by artist Mark Fitzpatrick
210 cm x 120 cm:
Acrylic paint on canvas

Mark first started painting while in Year 9 at Warren Central School, where he completed a two-week workshop with well-known artist Max Connellan. His talent was immediately evident and Mark received the ‘best painting by a male’ award. In 2000, Mark helped paint Yetta Dhinnakkal (meaning ‘right pathway’), an aboriginal correctional centre situated at Brewarrina NSW. Mark’s paintings have started gaining recognition over recent years and he made the finals of the Fishers Ghost Art Awards in 2008 and 2009.