Region Group

SCA Property Group

Ink led the rebranding process to help ‘SCA Property Group’ become ‘Region Group’. To mark their 10th anniversary and inclusion in Australia’s top 100 companies on the ASX, Ink’s task was to create a full suite of communication materials to bring the brand to life, including naming to brand identity, production of brand films, motion graphics, photography, digital media and printed assets. We worked with the client to fully articulate their brand platform, including vision, mission and values, to create a unified and cohesive brand.

The Region brand has three distinct components. 1. The ‘Brand Wow’, 2. The ‘Brand How’ 3. The ‘Brand in Action’.

Ink‘s strategic process began with articulating the ‘Brand Wow’ the brand’s platform, defining its purpose, vision and mission to inform the naming process. Our creative team then used this platform to identify the most appropriate name for the company. This platform further enabled us to create a unique and engaging identity that resonates with the target audience. With this in place, we can ensure a consistent message that aligns with the brand‘s values and mission.

Region’s ‘Brand How’ outlines the use of a brand’s unique assets. The logo, colour systems, illustrations, typography, iconography, and photography create a unified presence and recognisable identity. The manner in which we use our assets becomes crucial to Ink’s four tenets of branding which are to be, clear, concise, consistent and constant.

TheBrand In Action demonstrates the use of the brand assets across all platforms. Ink created an extensive template suite to ensure internal and external communications are consistent and on-brand. The brand has also been designed to be consumer-facing as the Region brand extends beyond its current audience and into communities. Ink’s goal was to create a cohesive, recognisable, memorable brand identity across all platforms. We wanted to ensure the Region brand is represented in a way that resonates with employees, investors, retailers and customers.