Art in motion.

With over 20 years of experience developing creative for media brands, Ink has launched a service specifically focused on digital placemaking. Having delivered over 100 large scale broadcast media projects across 12 countries and 4 continents, Ink. studio comes with a wealth of experience to deliver large scale video content for screens worldwide.

Works by artist Kenneth Lambert.

digital placemaking



Ink Studio is the production team for contemporary artists whose practice incorporate film and digital media. With 20 years of experience in live-action and digital production, ink studio has both the creativity and experience to realise works at the nexus of digital creative arts.

• Artistic Direction & Consultancy
• Research and Development
• Multi-platform Consideration
• Motion Design
• Film Production
• Post-production
• Documentation & Technical Guidelines
• Installation Supervision


Ink Studio provides members with the unique opportunity to hire selected works for short term hire. Our library is organised into 3 categories:

– Artist Series
– Film Series
– Design Series

For rates or to become a subscriber please email: