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Ken Lambert

With over 20 years experience developing creative for media brands I bring a wealth of experience and creative energy to each project. Having delivered over 142 brands, across 12 countries and 4 continents there is not much I haven’t seen. Having said that each situation is unique to culture and intent.

My experience encompasses small community based channels to large multi channel networks. I’ve worked with most genres including kids, general entertainment, factual, drama, music, movie, science fiction, sports, cultural and arts.

My experience culminates in creating multi channel livery for major events like the Summer and Winter Olympics and Commonwealth Games.

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Creative Services

• Brand Strategic Development
• Creative Brief
• Creative Response
• Concept Development & Design
• Channel Design and Livery
• Multi-platform Consideration
• Production Supervision
• Brand Guidelines

Professional Skills

• Design
• Film Production
• Direction
• Editing
• VFX supervision
• Photography
• Spacial Design

All featured projects created under the Artistic Direction of Kenneth Lambert.


Ken is also an accomplished director of live action with a talent for storytelling. With his production company Sheepish Lion,  Ken has delivered over 200+ commercial campaigns across the globe.


Over the years Ken has the opportunity to write award winning campaigns for SBS Television, Disney, Star, Sony Entertainment ad Foxtel. His work has been seen globally, receiving nominations and awards in USA, Europe, Asian, Australia and New Zealand.

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