Case Study 1

Since 2015 Ink has worked with Scentre Group to articulate its vision “Creating extraordinary places, connecting and enriching communities”. Our branding, design and production skills have been utilised across many departments such as; Corporate Affairs, Investor Relations, Human Resources, Risk Management, Design & Construction, Technology and Customer Experience.

Here is a snap shot of some of the projects we have delivered for Scentre Group, the owners and operators of Westfield.

Brand Refresh

Introducing the refreshed and updated Scentre Group branding system to ensure consistency for both internal and external communication. Ink adopted a clear minded design approach to meet the challenges of an ever changing digital landscape.

Our approach was to keep it simple, bold and flexible. The project encompassed a logo refresh, colours, fonts and extensive templates delivered across motion, digital and print.

Corporate Social Responsibilty

Westfield Local Heroes is a community recognition and grants program, designed to discover and celebrate individuals from across Australia and New Zealand who connect and enrich our communities.

Ink originally collaborated with the SCG team to develop the program to obtain it’s original funding and to complete 12 short form documentary series which features heroes from 2018 -2019.

People & Culture

Scentre Group have established a set of behavioural values to guide their people. Ink has been involved designing and producing collateral to seed the values into the Scentre Group culture.

Our most recent project “Living the DNA” showcases people from different parts of the business relating the companies values across a diverse range of locations across Australia and New Zealand. The video is not only targeting an internal audience but also intended to attract new talent to the business.

Human Resources

Ink has developed a series of informational and training tools by utilising our strong background in animation and motion graphics. Translating important (sometimes dry) information in a way that is entertaining, whilst re-enforcing the company values and purpose, has become a specialty within our business.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion: Imagine if Vanilla was the only flavour, No Rocky Road, No Turkish Delight, No Salted Caramel…what the Fudge!

This 1 minute animation, launched on ‘Wear it Purple Day’ was created in conjunction with Scentre Group to celebrate Diversity and Inclusion within the workplace.

Written, designed, directed by Ink, this playful spot uses the metaphor of ice cream flavours to carry its message. It’s your special flavour, so bring it, show it off, it is what makes you extraordinary.

Customer Experience

Storytelling has become another key focus for Ink as we convey a human experiences to engage with audiences. We appreciate the importance of customer experience to service orientated businesses.

We have a strong collaborative approach when it comes to developing communication tools for businesses. We know that our clients are experts in understanding their customers. Our job is to provide effective communication strategies and an efficient production processes to get the job done.

Investor Relations

The aim of the investor video content is to celebrate the ways Scentre Group delivers on its purpose; “creating extraordinary place, connecting and enriching communities”.

In recent years we have filmed extensively through various Living Centres capturing the real human moments that occur within it walls. Our documentary film making style has been adopted throughout our communication strategy ensuring SCG’s voice is always authentic.