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Volare, “A magical way to fly”

Luna Park Sydney

Volaré, a magical way to fly.

​Luna Park Sydney entrusted Ink with the task to promote their latest attraction, Volaré a swing ride. With the concept of soaring across the harbour Ink’s creative amplified Luna Park Sydney’s key features, it’s location and the feeling of exhilaration.

Creative, Production & Post Production
Television, digital, print, radio and outdoor media

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Chris Hemsworth

Foxtel Drama, Movies, BoxSets

Ink/Sheepish Lion were commissioned by Foxtel to create a campaign promoting Foxtel via Chris Hemsworth’s endorsement. Ink developed the scripts together with director Ken Lambert  to create a visually compelling campaign. Each spot using a distinctive different style, utilising Chris Hemsworth as the key story telling vehicle to convey Foxtel’s unique product offering.

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Hair Raiser

Luna Park

We had a lot of fun creating a spot for Luna Park Sydney’s latest attraction, the Hair Raiser drop tower. The concept is simple “PTSD” (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder); being dropped like a stone is primal to say the least.
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From The Heart

Heart Research Australia

Heart Research Australia is dedicated to funding first-stage, innovative research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease. Because this kind of research does not attract government funding, their work is powered by the generosity of supporters. 

With 56,894 charities Australia has the largest number of charities per capita in its history, with one charity for every 422 people. Cut through becomes more difficult year on year, and Heart Research Australia needed assistance in raising their brand’s profile.

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Heart Research Australia

To raise awareness of the fundraising campaign REDFEB, prior to activation in February, Ink’s campaign drove people to Join the Red Army, wear red, get active and fundraise for Heart Research Australia. It’s important we get the message out there, heart disease is the No.1 Killer of Australians and there are actions we can take today to change this.

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Promax International

Ink were proud to be the creative sponsor for the PromaxBDA conferences in Asia, India, Australia and New Zealand. When we where originally approached to be involved, we asked ourselves what was important? Firstly it’s being equipped with the knowledge to deal with the demands of an ever-changing broadcast industry.

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Luna Park

A Cross Platform Retail Campaign. Working in collaboration with Luna Park Sydney, Ink devised a creative strategy for the April Holiday’s promotion. Our creative response was to devise a tangible reason for consumers to take notice, hence the branded theme #FUNFEST.

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Priority Guest

Event Entertainment & Hospitality

We worked with the team at Event Hospitality and Entertainment to create this engaging campaign to promote the benefits of their Priority Guest Rewards Program. Communicating the feeling you get as a hotel guest when you get that little bit extra ‘Uplifting Benefits’ and ‘Feel free’.

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We are SciFi

SF, TVI Entertainment

“We are”… SciFi. For this project we wanted to create a an intriguing, mysterious and enticing attitude for the SF launch. We created a series of distinct characters and gave them thoughts which played with the themes within the sci-fi genre.

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