Assisting with the development of, or merely understanding the strategic intent of a brand or campaign prior to undertaking any creative work is mandatory. Success is gained and can only be measured by working to a plan.

Our work has been awarded, published and displayed in museums. Despite the many accolades we are results driven, our goal is to make a difference to client’s business and in turn create a better world in the process.

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Paper plane

Think Education

Paper Plane offers ‘A new way to learn’.

As an organisation Paper Plane offers ‘A new way to learn’. Students are invited to work with Paper Plane’s corporate partners, to learn skills by solving real world problems and get certified by these influential companies. As a student you will choose a project, then learn at your own pace. Content playlists curated by industry leaders engage, inspire and teach you, anywhere, any time.

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Seven West Media

Ink worked with the directors of SWM and the team to develop a new brand communication strategy; distilling the complex communication of what RED is, what RED does, and how RED does it into a succinct and compelling proposition.

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Brand Solar System

Comm Bank

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia have a proud history, strong values and iconography, however they didn’t promote their essence in a cohesive, engaging or easy-to-understand way. They had multiple documents that talked about their history, vision, strategy, values, approach to advertising, architecture etc, however none of these documents were synthesised, linked or easy to read. A brand guide needed to work hand-in-hand ….

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Fox Footy

Fox Sports


We live footy, Breathe it. Love it. 
It’s our passion, our reason for being.

Ink and their research partners, D&M research were commissioned to investigate the relationship AFL fans have with the game; to understand how that might translate into brand communication and a visual expression for the launch of Foxtel’s AFL dedicated channel, FOX FOOTY.

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BBC Worldwide

“A cracking celebration of British entertainment”
UKTV has a whole new on-air look and feel as BBC Worldwide ANZ re-invigorated its identity as “a cracking celebration of British entertainment”, the brand’s proposition expressed in the most appropriate way, to match the channel’s new brand personality and tone of voice.

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World Movies

SBS Subscription TV

World Movies approached Ink to revitalise and re-energise their brand, to add greater excitement to an already authentic and credible offering. It is time to better reflect that World Movies is a contemporary, independent, art-house channel. There is a need to reduce barriers for new audiences – broaden the appeal to younger audiences – beyond the channel’s existing, loyal viewers. At the same time, it is crucial not to alienate existing audiences, but to increase viewer retention and brand recognition.

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TVI Entertainment

Since launch in 2006 the Sci Fi channel’s content has changed, embracing a broader offering including the paranormal, supernatural and psychological. Series such as ‘Medium’ have found a home on the channel, and more new content will be acquired that extends the content far beyond spaceships and ray-guns.

It is already well known that the genre is misunderstood and the term Sci Fi is polarising and constraining. The channel recognised they needed a name that would broaden market appeal without alienating (excuse the pun!) the current loyal audience.

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