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Since 2001 we have always executed our own broadcast projects. Through Sheepish Lion we have extended our reach to work with other creative agencies to create visual effects and motion graphics for TVC’s and content projects. We welcome the opportunity to work with other agencies and production companies where-ever possible.

Motion Graphics
Technical Direction
Finishing: Broadcast + Social
3D animation


McCann Shanghai

“What is possible?” The film is a poetic journey where a magical chain reaction is a metaphor for the online marketplace of Tao Bao where you can buy almost anything. Directed by Ken Lambert of Sheepish Lion and created by McCann Shanghai, the film was shot in Xinjiang and Shanghai. Ink created photo-real animation of birds, petals, and paper planes, integrating all the elements together to realise the end result.

Chris Hemsworth

Foxtel Drama, Movies & BoxSets

Foxtel engaged Ink + Sheepish Lion to create a number of TVCs with Chris Hemsworth to promote their various subscription offerings, namely Drama Channel, Movies Channel, and Boxsets. Each film had a different approach, seamlessly travelling from film set to film set for Drama, a space of multiple CG projections for Movies, and using motion control plates to realise multiple Hemsworth’s for Boxsets.  


Banjo Advertising

Ink completed a number of TVCs for this Crown Resorts Brand campaign highlighting its entertainment and venues in Perth and Melbourne. Created by Banjo Advertising and directed by Ken Lambert of Sheepish Lion, the TVCs slice a moment in time, everything frozen or slowed down apart from our presenter who deftly meanders through a “great night out” at Crown. This was achieved through a combination of filming live action with rigs and FX, and CG elements integrated in VFX.

Pepsi Challenge

Civilisation Shanghai

Pepsi, through Civilization in Shanghai, engaged Ink to design a graphic world based on a range of new product labels, and featuring a number of China celebrities and influencers including Momo Wu and Yifeng Li. Directed by Ken Lambert, Ink designed and animated the graphic worlds and integrated the live action.

Body Hack

Essential Media, Network Ten, Discovery Channel

Body Hack with Todd Sampson follows the style of his acclaimed science documentary series Redesign My Brain, with Sampson offering himself up as a human guinea pig to sample the lives of extraordinary people and glean lessons for modern life.

Fire Starter VR

Sheepish Lion (SL•VR)

Firestarter is SL•VR first immersive cinema offering. Captured with specifically modified rigs and film cameras Firestarter is the next generation in film production for VR. Created by director Kenneth Lambert in collaboration with production company Sheepish Lion and creative studio INK . Filmed on location using custom-made Red Dragon stereo rig to deliver a unique 360º experience.

Music and sound by Uncanny Valley.

Experience VR

Milk Tea

Civilization Shanghai

Ink created a magical illustrative world to launch Yi Ke Guan Milk Tea in China. Created by Civilization in Shanghai and directed by Ken Lambert of Sheepish Lion, the film features high profile Chinese actors, Chen Xiao and Yu Xintian. Our protagonist draws this magical world around them creating a beautiful and charming little story. Ink designed and animated the illustrative world in 2D and 3D around the live action sequence, the two worlds were then integrated to achieve the final result.



Coinciding with the upcoming Chinese New Year, Coca-Cola China launched a campaign reminding us to create happiness in our lives. China is known for its productivity and its economic growth but the campaign asks “What about our happiness?” Created by Santo in Buneos Aires, the positive underlying message was that whilst we’re busy creating things we should also remember to create happiness.

The TVC features a cross-section of people’s everyday lives in China and small ways that we bring happiness into our lives. The challenge was to make sure the scenarios were genuine and captured in an authentic way, documenting the lives of everyday people in everyday situations. It was therefore incredibly important that any post vfx, such as the fireworks were handled in a way that it isn’t questioned by the audience, and over all the grade had to complement our ambition to deliver short stories of happiness in a real, but beautiful way.

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